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The Three Different Ways to Home School 

There is more than one way to home school your child(ren). You may notice that the most difficult way is when you choose the option to teach what you want to teach. You will then put together a curriculum rather than have one already created. If you want help with the curriculum and want it to follow the state's common core standards you can find information here explaining the common core and core-curriculum by grade here


Here are educational websites you can use free of charge (you can donate if you want to, if there is an option) if you are teaching without an online public school educational platform.

Khan Academy offeres all of the courses that are needed for pre-K-8 but you can also find a few high school and college courses. This is an awesome website. The learners complete lessons and tests online at Khan Academy

IXL is also a great tool for teaching with online lessons.

Math Help

Math Help for Middle School, High School and College: Make the most of your time at home. Get ready for a standardized test. Teach your child the math they’re missing in school. Our COMPLETE MATH COURSES have you covered. https://www.mathhelp.com/

Purple Math Need help with math? Start browsing Purplemath's free resources https://www.purplemath.com/

There are plenty more that I will add.


It is important to ensure you choose accredited courses and/or programs

Rise Education Resource Center (Nevada) 580 E. St Louis Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89104 (702) 748-7473
info@riseresourcecenter.org https://riseresourcecenter.org/accredited-organizations/

Using the link above you will learn about the Notice Of Intent (NOI) that must be filled out in order to home school your child(ren). Or use this link for the NOI page https://riseresourcecenter.org/notice-of-intent/ 

Connections Accredited Online Public School (Free)

I started using Connections Academy in 2008 when my youngest daughter was in kindergarten. This is a grea school to use because it is actually a public school which uses the same curriculum and standards used in the brick and mortar schools according to your state. You wil notice that the same books are used so in this program as in the brick and morter schools. The school sends by mail all of the materials that you need and typically a computer depending on your state.  1-800-382-6010

Penn Foster High School Plus

If you want to pay for an inexpensive high school program for your teen Penn Foster is an option. The link is below but if you prefer to call, here is the number:  Enroll Today! 1-800-262-1125 



This is available to children enrolled in the brick and mortar public school system via skype. You have this information if your child is enrolled in school.