People Have Different Viewpoints About Black Lives Matter Movement

June 21, 2020

What a year 2020 has been so far. Here we are on June 20th experiencing a multitude of issues that have escalated into what we are calling the Holocaust of 2020. What seems to be a man-made virus that President Trump calls the China Virus had us locked down for 3 months. I cannot imagine how many new accounts the app Tik Tok gained as a result of bored humans on lockdown and I was one of them. This is not my typical type of entertainment; however, I actually enjoyed it because humanity was trying to make the best of lockdown by being creative and sharing what wound up to be the funniest and loving things I have seen on one app ever. It seems we were all hooked. Apparently Tik Tok use to be musically, an app I downloaded about 5 or 6 years ago and almost immediately deleted. 

It seems it was not the plan for humans to have a great time on lockdown. A virus spread across the world which many of us believe was man-made due to the unnatural evolution of the virus. Those of us who are awake immediately saw this as phase one of the holocaust. The plan of course to kill as many humans possible and keep humans in fear. Fear lowers the vibration of humans and the planet as well as lowers the immune system. This fear was certainly apparent to those humans yelling at others to wear masks. Some of us were not in fear; however, and our positive vibrations were enough to make up for some of the lower vibrations in the world. 

August 13, 2020

Tik Tok went from the virus and lock down to George Floyd and Black Lives Matter. Suddenly no lives mattered to the powers that be who wanted us on lockdown. Now it was OK to protest even though there was a novel virus serious enough to shutdown the economy and and call a state of emergency. The problem with the BLM movement was not the peaceful protestors. The problem was the looting and rioters. This was all over Tik Tok, then on all social network platforms and the news. The news, who loves to twist the facts. 

People on Tik Tok were joining forces and changing their profile pics to fists saything that black lives matter. People were crying, others protesting and standing their ground. African American people learned that they had Euro-American allies and it was great. I think there were more Euro-Americans standing up for the movement than African Americans. Just looked that way. Every video that came up on my feed was BLM. I was becoming depressed, yet still watched it every night before bed. The fun-filled app turned to darkness and gloom hearing about murder after murder. Of course it had to be that way. God forbid we should be happy when the powers that be want us in fear.

Then, I was hearing that the murder was staged, which I already thought might be a possibility because what the hell kind of cop knowing he was being filmed would continue to murder a man and expect to win in court? Did he want to kill a "black" man so bad that he didn't care about the evidence. Further, if he was such a nutball and continued while being filmed, he would have taken the phone from the woman in order to destroy the evidence. No one is that dumb. Much of humanity had masks on and now suddenly someone has his life taken saying I can't breathe. This murder seemed like the epitome of what certain powers that be would consider a joke, a slap in our faces because they took away our right to breathe with their virus.

At this point, arguments began because some people started saying that all lives matter. More fun and division for the elite. Then people were questioning BLM saying they don't really care about "black" lives, they only care about the donations. Then Candice Owens was angry because people were protesting for a criminal that was murdered. She stated that the murder was awful but she made it sound like people should not go to the extreme because he was a career criminal who held a gun to a pregnant woman's stomach in the past.  

Not surprisingly, many of us noticed that the riots and looting were set up. It was that obvious. I decided to see if Bill Gates ever owned a brick company and by golly he did. How convenient psycho, lunatic, eugenacist, murdering SOB. People saw cops stages starting the riots and bricks were available to throw at windows. Then Trump called law and order against what everyone thinks against our own people. My question is this. Trump vowed to takedown Pizzagate before he was elected and continued to out the evil going on with the politicians, pedos and entertainers. He put China in their place, stopped funding the WHO (I hoped for that immedietely and was so happy when he did), and then did not invite Dr. Falsi, excuse me, Dr. Fauci to a Coronavirus press conference. Shouldn't we figure he also knew about the rioting and looting set up by the ems or other powers that be so put out an order for the National Guard and other officers to take them down? Makes sense to me. Just saying.